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Automatic Water level controller Works

A water level controller is a device that automatically maintains the water level in a tank or reservoir within a desired range. It typically consists of sensors, a control unit, and a valve or pump. The sensors are placed at different levels in the tank to detect the water level.

Water level Water level

The system firstly senses the amount of water available in the tank by the level detector part and then adjusts the state of the water pump in accordance to the water level information.

Fix Old Water level controller

You can use a this type of Automatic Water level controller foer many years ..We should clean and replace when it was old onspotteam will help you in this call us.

Water level controller save Electricity

The operation of water level controller is based on the fact that water conducts electricity. As the water level rises or fall the sensing probes and circuits of the controller detect the same. These signals are used to switch ON or switch OFF the pump motor as per requirements.