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Installation of switchboards

Select the busbar material, Size it (busbar section, number of busbars per phase) and define its position in the switchboard based on the client’s incoming devices, Install it in compliance with the creepage and clearance distances of the standard, Fasten it according to good practice.

Fixing of lighting

A light fixture (US English), light fitting (UK English), or luminaire is an electrical device containing an electric lamp that provides illumination. All light fixtures have a fixture body and one or more lamps. The lamps may be in sockets for easy replacement—or, in the case of some LED fixtures, hard-wired in place.

Fixing of Faulty wiring

To fix the problem, turn off the power to the device, then disconnect the wires and either clip off the excess wire or strip off additional insulation so the proper amount of wire is exposed. Then, reconnect the wires to their screw terminal or wire nut.

Wiring for New Constructed Home

All electrical appliances being used inside a building should have the Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) mark. Sockets should be 3-pin only. All switches should be connected in phase wiring only. The Power system wiring should have a maximum of 2 points in the circuit.
The most common type of home electrical wiring is the NM cable, also known as the Romex cable, after the most popular electrical wiring brand name. The NM cables contain three or more individual conductors, wrapped together in a sheathing, which is a flexible plastic jacket.